how many input fields can you have in the theme editor using the App Block?

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Hi guys,

So i 'm developing an app that will create an app block in the theme editor. This block will be customizable similar to any other Blocks.

I was just wondering what is the limit of input field number in the App Block? Can we have Like 50-60 fields for 1 block?

The reason behind it is that i want to give big flexibility for the store owner who don't know anything related to CSS and coding to change a button layout on different Break points (1399px, 1199px, ...). I'm including margin (Left, right, top, bottom), padding (Left, right, top, bottom), colors, background colors, ....
I know that i can add a custom CSS field where all of these can be written inside of it, but i'm targetting Store owners that don't know css.

Appreciate your support,
Thank you in advance

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