How to add a custom Code content between products in a collections page

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Hi there!

Currently I'm showing my products correctly but I'd like to insert a custom content between the products (it could an image or simple text). I'm attaching an image of what I need to do:


template-shopify-help.pngI found a really helpful information here: but since I'm new in Shopify i don't undertand the following:

  1. How to create a product template? Currently I see a section called: product-list.liquid Is this what I have to duplicate?
  2. If not, then what is the template or section I need to duplicate in order to achieve that?
  3. Let's Imagine I am able to implement the custom code. Now, How is this going to be accesible to the users? is it displayed by default on the frontpage collections?

I really appreciate any idea or suggestion to implement this. Thanks In advanced.

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