How to add an image gallery to debut theme, but on a certain page? I can only do it on the home page

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Hi! I have been trying to figure this out, but I can't. I want to have a page on my website where I showcase a gallery of my artwork. On the Pages section of the Online Store, when I just insert photos it becomes very disorganized especially on the mobile site and it's not how I want it to look.

For example, has an "Archives" section, and I want to set it up just how he does. 

I thought about making another Collection, but I'm not able to upload a picture without a title and such.

I have the Debut theme, and there isn't already a set way to do this, is there a code to? 

I've seen a code for it on a different forum, but it only worked for the Home page and nowhere else.

Do I have to use a completely different theme? If so, what are some free themes where I can do this?

Thank you. 

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