How to add CodePen Code - HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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Hello dear Shopify-Community!

First of all, I m sorry for creating this post. I saw multiple post about this topic, but they didnt really helped me.

So I want to integrate a CodePen Script ( ). It should be under the Navigationbar.

The problem who I have is, that I dont know where to paste the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Is it possible that I create a complete new file where I can paste all the customs codes?


I use the theme DAWN.


Thanks for your help.

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HI @Flacho 

Use can add the css and Js in new files,

Create new files

custom.css and custom.js

then add code into these files and call these files in theme.liquid.


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I'm having a similar issue, but not entirely sure where to add them and how to recall them.