Re: how to add color swatches to Shopify's Dawn 14.0 theme

how to add color swatches to Shopify's Dawn 14.0 theme

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I want my multi-color products to be able to switch according to the image display, but there is no swatch option in my dawn template, can you help me to solve it?


My current situation:

截屏2024-05-18 10.58.54.png

What I want to:

截屏2024-05-18 11.00.23.png

My website is:


Thx for the help!

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Hi @scarlett996 ,


Yes, we can add the color swatches in the dawn theme.

For this we do need to map the color name with the image and add the image as background image for that color.


Let me know if you need any assistance.


Thank you

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HI @LuffyOnePiece 

I don't really understand what you mean by map color, do we need to add code?




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Its been a while since I looked at Dawn theme, but I'm pretty sure it supports color swatches right out of the box. You create swatches when you create the variants in the admin/product section. In admin, as you add your variants to your product you should notice to the left of each variant a image box where you can upload a image. That is the image for your swatch. Here is a screenshot.....