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How to Add / Create parameters tab into product page?

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Before, we were using a different solution than Shopify and we were able to write parameters like (size, dimensions, color and etc. etc.) of the product inside of product settings in the fields.

Then it would save into a parameters tab that looked like something like this:


It was always placed in the product description.

My question is: Is there any way / app that can do this? Maybe with an HTML template that would be always copied into product description - but to me, that sounds too time-consuming.

Please, do let me know if there's any way to do this - I'm willing to hire someone as well.


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Hello @Petoya ,

We can do same with metafiles in Shopify. First we have to enable create metafields for products. 
And after that have to call these metafields with in code. 
In this way admin have to just input the values in predefined setting columns.
You can shoot me an email for further discussions.


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Try GEMPAGES page builder.
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Thank you! I sent you a message on Skype if that's fine


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Hi @Petoya,

Will it show all variants of the product?

You can try with this code:

<table class="table-variants">
{%- for product_option in product.options_with_values -%}
<tr class="table-variants-item">
<th class="table-variants-label">{{ }}</th>
<td class="table-variants-value">
<p>{% for value in product_option.values %}{{ value }}{% unless forloop.last == true %}, {% endunless %}{% endfor %}</p>
{%- endfor -%}

Or you can contact by email:

I will check it.

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