How to add custom label on products

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I need help to add a custom image as label on products


Best seller Exempel: 

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And i want all products to have this label in a specific collection

i use Minion theme




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Hi @tareekshawi 

An extremely perfect solution for all your wishes is to use our BSS: Product Labels & Badges app.

Our App has a lot of features:

- Create or use hundreds of labels/badges from our label/badges library to display on the store front in the most beautiful way.

- Display labels/badges based on conditions (all products, specific products, specific collections, tags, ...)

- Display labels/badges on the pages you want, display labels/badges as text or image

- Display banners/popups on store front

- Many other interesting features..

In your case, install our app and configure as follows: Go to the label module and create a config image label:


view (5).png


Select the label you want to display and name the label, customize the label's position:


view (6).png


Switch to the condition tab and select specific collection along with the corresponding collection:


view (7).png


Click Save to save your configs and we have the result:


view (8).png


Hope this information will help you!

If our suggestions are useful, please let us know by giving it a like, marking it as a solution, or donating here .

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