How to add custom message with a price?

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Hi my client wants to add a custom message box for specific products which will also show in the cart.  She wants to charge $5 for the message as it will be printed onto a card.  I am comfortable with  creating a separate product template for these products and editing the code but I can't figure out how to charge for it and how to ensure it appears on the cart too.   Or we can use an app? Can anyone help please? We are using Dawn theme.

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You can add an additional of $5 product with the main product. This can be custom coded but you will need a dev.



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Hi @blueskies ,


You can try our app: BSS Variant Options, feature Price add-on

It's quite easy to set up, create a new option set -> add price add-on config

view (7).png

The result will be like


view (8).png


view (9).png


Hope this will help

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