How to add customization field in code Dawn theme

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I would like to add a customization field into a product template (So I can opt for it to only be active for one product not all) - I tried to follow an older tutorial but it seems like the theme is no longer set up that way. I am using the Dawn theme. The idea is for the customer to input text prior to hitting the "add to cart" button.


I am familiar with using the UI elements generator but I don't know where to put the code in the theme file, or where/how to create the custom product template.

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Hi @Jenn_DRM ,


I just watched the video, and was confused about the statement "the theme is no longer set up that way". All new themes use the same JSON template that is shown in the video.

Also regarging you requirement [nput text prior to hitting the "add to cart" button], this will require liquid coding to display the required input field, and will also require updating global Javascript.


As this require custom coding which needs to be done as per the theme used, it will require time customization. If you require someone to make these changes on the site, please feel free to private message me.


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I was referring to the fact that in the video the theme didn't have snippets, also the main-product.liquid shown in the theme had changed.


I actually found a free app for this Called Easify Product Options so no custom coding is required. Thanks

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Hi @Jenn_DRM,

For crafting your personalized text fields and seamlessly integrating them into your desired products, I recommend checking out the Easify Product Options app—it's free to use and no coding required! I've set up a quick demo for you 😊:




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