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How to add customized "SHIP DATE" option to cart page. NOT calendar - Predetermined Dates.

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I come to the community seeking knowledge on what I believe would be a custom code (maybe) as a workaround.

I need to give my customers the option to choose from a predetermined shipped date.  Like a drop-down, not a calendar.  I ship a live product (plant) that is not ready or able to be shipped year around.    I have searched for a solution for this and all I seem to find are apps or coding to add a delivery date option.

I have tried the following with unsuccessful results:

  • I have gone into theme.liquid - under the closing /head tag and inserted coding to change the jQuery to choose a ship date and it only gives me a calendar and then I added a new snippet.  The outcome was it gave me an entire calendar which isn't what I need.
  • I went to the actual product and added ship dates as a variant, however it caused my inventory to be messed up and caused all sorts of additional issues that I would need to find workarounds for.

I am hopeful that someone can help me.

Thank you in advance!




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