How to add/delete stock from new locations

How to add/delete stock from new locations

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Hi all,


I want to add or delete inventory to new locations, ie currently in inventory a product might list as "not stocked" and I want to add inventory.  Or alternatively, a product may have stock in a certain location and I want to change it to "not stocked".


I have figured out how to do this in products with no variants, via products>inventory>edit locations


This is as per these instructions:


However, when I try to do this with products that have variants, these instructions don't work you can see as per the product page in the image attached that there is no inventory section.  Am I missing something here?


The only work around I have found is to "transfer" stock from one location to another, as this adds it to the new location.  However I then have to fix the inventory at the original location - it's basically not very efficient.  And that workaround only works to add a stock location, not if I want to delete a location.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks Kabir




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