How to add low stock feature to product pages?

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I've been looking around on how to add the low stock display to my product page when my stock gets low to create urgency, but so far all the coding I've found doesn't work with my page or displays the low stock feature in the wrong spot. I want the low stock feature to display beside quantity or beside the price. Can anyone help me out?


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@TM_Outfitters , I can help you with this.


It requires some custom coding to implement.

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Hi @TM_Outfitters,


You can modify product section. Liquid example code below:

{% if 
current_variant.inventory_quantity < 5
and current_variant.inventory_management == 'shopify' %}
<p>Almost Sold Out!
{% endif %}


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Hi there, if you do not want to do coding by yourself, you can check for low stock apps in the app store. One of them is Hey! Low Stock Counter which does not require any coding on your end.