Re: How to add metafield under title in product-card.liquid

How to add metafield under title in product-card.liquid

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Hi everyone,

I would love to add metafield (name of material) under title in product grid (yellow underline):


And this is the code (product-card.liquid). now instead of my metafield there is blank space.


 I would appreciate any help!


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Hi @julian71 

first you are missing ">" in "<a" which is why </a> is red.

Second I assume you created the metafield from shopify metafield creator? Did you add the materials in the shopify product section?




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Thanks for answering. Yes, I created it from an app, but I added it to product section too.

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Where you able to resolve this? 

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@julian71 @TWBF @JohnFromJotting  Not sure if you figured it out yet, but I was able to display a metafield on the collections page and featured collections block product card by using product_card_product instead of product, so the metafield in the post it would be




{{ }}



Hope this helps!

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This works but without the first 'product' so just {{ }}. 


Good luck

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I can confirm that @Shamu450 and @holidays code works.


1. Create a product metafield

2. Fill out the field for your desired product pages

3. include the following code in your theme's version of the file snippet 'card-product.liquid' 


{{ }}


I was having trouble displaying product metafields on non-product pages and this was the solution I was looking for.