How to add multiple products on one product page

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Hi all,


For a new client selling bed sheets and accessories, we are trying to find out how to give you options on a same product page to select various products and quantities ? For example, we want to offer the possibility on the same product page to choose your sheet (size and colors), then your duvet cover and then your pillowcases. 

Our best examples would be these Shopify websites :

Bonsoirs :

Brooklinen :

It seems that both websites use an Apps (even the same) but we were nont able to find it out...

Does anyone know what kind of Apps / code can replicate the behaviours ?


Thank you in advance for your help



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Hi there! 

I'm a Shopify Partner and freelance developer. I know this question was posted quite some time ago, but I actually work with a site that uses Brooklinen and Bonsoirs as inspo and sells bedding bundles as well. 

For this client, I developed an app-less solution for Bundling. It obviously doesn't have a frontend framework to work with to build the bundles, but it's sort of a workaround that appears to the user as a "Bundle" item - where we have discounted versions of the individual item that I show on the Bundle pdp. 

Just in case you never found an app that works for your needs, feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. 



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Hey Alex,


I'm also interested in this, how do we contact you?