How to add phone number in customer register page?- Envy theme

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I would like to add a phone number to the customer registration page. I added a similar code for the phone number in the customer/register liquid but it didn't work

<div id="phone_number" class="clearfix large_form">
<label for="phone_number" class="login">{{ 'customer.register.phone_number' | t }}</label>
<input type="phone_number" class="form-control" name="customer[phone_number]" id="phone_number" class="large" size="30" />



Can someone help me to figure out the solution?


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yes please add just text


<div id="phone_number" class="clearfix large_form">
<label for="phone_number" class="login">Phone Number</label>
<input type="phone_number" class="form-control" name="customer[phone_number]" id="phone_number" class="large" size="30" />


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how can i add the country code before phone number?  

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It worked. Thank you 🙂

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The "accepted solution" doesn't actually work. I have tried to solve this problem for hours, it is impossible to set the customer's phone number from a customer registration form. Short of installing a paid monthly app, this cannot be done with liquid, and none of the search results worked. I would love to be proven wrong.


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Dear Ardra,


don't know why you marked the problem as solved. Because the answer marked as "Accepted Solution" doesn't do much more than your code. Just that it doesn't say "translation missing etc etc etc".


What code did you use in the end to solve the problem AND save the customer phone number in the right place in the customer account? Because neither of the two pieces of code in this thread save the phone number.

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I also failed to add the phone field. That is, the field I succeeded, but the number is not stored.