How to add "notes" box to check out page to dawn theme

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I have the dawn theme for my store, however I want to add a " notes" field for my checkout page but I have tried looking for a way to add it for the last days. With no solution I am unable to do so, it seems this theme does not allow me to do so. I've tried to google it and follow the instructions with the cart page and then enabling cart notes but my theme does not have the option to enable cart notes. if someone could help that would be great.

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Hi, @crystalledbytif! Thanks for reaching out about this.


Apart from styling changes, I’m afraid customizations to the Shopify checkout are not possible (with the exception of Plus merchants). Therefore, enabling cart notes is a great idea for achieving what you’d like to do here.


Since the Dawn theme is for the Online Store 2.0, customizations to it are a little bit different than those done to Vintage Shopify themes. However, Dawn has the option to enable cart notes already built-in! Take a look at the Help Doc Add order notes on your cart page for guidance on enabling it. 


Let me know if this helps.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hello @crystalledbytif,


Please note that you can add the customer note on the Cart page only.

Please follow the steps to add Order Instructions for Seller:
1. Open the Dawn theme editor.
2. Go to the Cart page.
3. Click the Subtotal section.
4. Select the “Enable cart note” checkbox.
5. Save the changes.


Check the reference image


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Hi! Thank you for showing a physical example for help. I am not OP however I have recently switched to using this theme myself and lost my notes to seller box which almost all of my customers need to utilize. My site is not showing this check box option, rather it says "no customizable settings available." Any advice? Thanks again!

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i have plus and have the same problem....

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@hifidelity If you click the "Subtotal" button highlighted in red, and then click "theme settings", you should then see the "enable cart note" tick box. Hope this helps.

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Wow, that is BURIED!  Thank you SO MUCH for the detailed reply.  Really helped me out in a pinch.  

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Hello Sagarika, I dont see that option to enable notes in my cart. What am i missing ?

Thank you

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I get a message no customizable options under subtotal

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Sorry for reviving an old thread, but is there a way to change the text from "Order special instructions" to "Add a gift message"?

Any help is appreciated!

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Found it!

In case anyone else is trying to edit this section in the cart, this is where I found the setting:

  1. Login to your admin site
  2. Click on Online Store
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Click on the 3-dots menu next to "Customize"
    • Select "Edit default theme content"
    • Reference image
    • mmagana626_0-1714534447067.png
  5. In the "Filter items" search box, search for "note" (without quotes)
  6. Should be the 3rd item as of this post. You can edit the Note; see image
    • mmagana626_1-1714534635927.png

Hope this helps someone!! God bless you!