How to add "SKU" text next to SKU NUMBER?

How to add "SKU" text next to SKU NUMBER?

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Hi there! I'm trying to insert SKU text next to the SKU code, but it doesn't work.
I'm using the Stockmart version 1.1.2 theme.  

I've tried looking in other forum threads, but the codes are different.
Mine is: 
"sku_e9NKhQ": {
"type": "sku",
"settings": {

Thanks in advance. 


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Hi @augveni,

Note: This scenario is based on the Dawn theme. If you are using another theme, the procedure may differ.

Please follow the steps below to add the SKU text next to the SKU Number:


Step 1: Navigate to Online Store -> Themes -> main-product-.liquid. Find the SKU line at line 193.

Step 2: Simply remove the class "visually-hidden" from line 200.


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