How to add Section in all Product pages but different content ?

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I'm trying to create a Shopify website for my brand Right now I just need help adding a few features to the product page:

1. drag and drop for every section for every single product separately

2. the ability to add/ delete sections for every product separately

Actually the sections are always the same , but for every product need to change the content and also change the place of the sections using Liquid Coding without any apps

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Maybe you can try creating product template in the theme editor like this

And assign template to each product 

But it's hard to do if you have many products.

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I am trying to add and section each product page. When I add something through section its showing in all pages. I want to add content images and other designs and it will separate for all products page.  Can I?

You need to create a template for each different layout. Because when using the same template, all sections will be the same.
Or you can use metafields, refer and
Hope it clear to you.

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