how to add templete of a contact us page in shopify ?

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I wanna add this kind of contact us page in my Shopify store but I don't know how to? 

I downloaded the templet files as well but there are like two folders in that and i don't know how to upload and run the files?

i went to edit code > add templet > i don't know the HTML code or where i can get the Html code in those files. 

even if i copy-paste the whole HTML code into the template i cant update it with my store's info and have all those clipart of Facebook and all. 1.PNG

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With most themes for a contact page there will be a in the template folder which is generally applied as an alternative template to a page you created in the admin called "contact"

Following the same pattern make a new file lets call if , replace "contact-form-03" with whatever makes sense to you.

Either on your desktop or in the admin theme editor 

Copy the html from your reference design into that file and save.

Add that file to your stores theme in the template folder just like the , either through the admins theme code editor , or upload the theme you've put together on your desktop.

Make sure this is the published theme with this custom file.

Then go to your admin for pages find the contact page in the admin and apply the new template as an alternate template.

Note: this contact form will not be dynamic it will only be static with the exact html you added, if you need it to submit to shopify and not some custom url you will need to integrate it with liquid which is an advanced customization if your used to coding refer to the template to infer how to code the html form. 


If you need to buy this customization you can contact me at with store url&storefront password and use case details(link to this thread) 

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