How to add text below product price? Debutify theme

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Hey can someone tell me what code I need and where to add it to add text below my price , using debutify


link to a product page here:


thanks so much!

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Hey thanks for replying but when I search the keywords from "Below this code snippet, add a new <p> tag with your desired text."
nothing comes up, so I'm not sure exactly where it would go 😕

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To add custom text under your product price, head over to edit code, and search for product-template.liquid under the snippets:



From there, search for product-price-container:



You will want to add the p tag right after span class and endcapture tag:



Please wrap p tag in div as block style, so it renders on its own line:


Here is an example code snippet:


<div style="display: block;">
<p>Your text here!</p>


You can always reach out to us at if you need more help.


Hope that helps!


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