How To Adjust The SCALE of Video On My Custom Page, Need It Smaller In SCALE. SAME ASPECT RATIO.

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I found the section and code. I just need some knowledge to change it. 
The video is far to big. As seen at the bottom of my page, (the vertical video)



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Hello @RMTPerformance ,

To adjust the video size, You need to add this code 


Go to Shopify admin >  Themes  > Edit Code > Search Base.css file and put the given code at the bottom of base.css file


This Code for adjust the video size

.media > *:not(.zoom):not(.deferred-media__poster-button), .media model-viewer {
    height: 400px; /* adjust the height according to your requirement */
    width: 100%;

video size.png


Now Add this code for adjust the Player Button


top: 12%;


vdeo button.png

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Thank-you for your efforts, this did not work unfortuantley. 


This page is a page created in Shopify. And the video was added using a normal video element if that helps at all.