how to align the product images and title?

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The products in my store are not aligning. You can see some is slightly above, and some is lower. Can anybody help me with aligning them? So that they take the same space and the titles are in the same place. thank you!

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@gq9999 the images need to be the same size/ proportion.

You can use this app to make them all square or same proportion.

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Regard your concern to align the product images and title on the collection page.

The product images is displayed depend on which images you uploaded. To keep it as the same align, please help me to re-upload it as the same size and same dimensions.

If not you can try to add this code in your theme.liquid by follow these steps:
Step1: Online store > Themes > Edit code > Search : theme.liquid


Step2: paste this code to the above of </head>: 

{% if template contains 'collection' %}
var media = document.querySelectorAll('.card__inner')
media.forEach(m => { = '200px' = '200px'
} )


{% endif  %}

Please change the px value to match with your requirement.


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can you please check your theme setting its allow this option you have easy to manage

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I agree with Ketan on this, I would check your 'theme' first, many themes have an option that you can access in the 'customize theme' area that helps keeps images sized correctly.  There are apps that help with this also, but if your theme is set up for it that would be easier and cheaper.


If you click the 'customize' button beside the theme (like in the image below), you can check the settings. It may be inside the settings for the collection area.