How to arrange tags in alphabetical order?

How to arrange tags in alphabetical order?

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On our store (supply theme), some of our tags are not arranged in alphabetical order. I can't seem to find a solution online as it says it should be sorted alphabetically, which ours isn't.

See the attached image. We want 7inch at the top, followed by 10inch and then 12inch down the bottom.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @ProfileMusic

This is not possible, it only shows by default the tag order of the collection.

If you want to do it, you need to build a new filter with manually entered tags. It requires you to have experience with Liquid, CSS and JS.

Hope it helps!

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@ProfileMusic the items in your screenshot are already in alphabetical order (1 comes before 7).

If you want to sort by numbers too you could change 7 to 07.

If you do not want to show the 0, anywhere it shows in the front end you can add a filter to conditionally remove it, for example you might do something like this:

{% assign size = option %} <!-- option being whatever the name of the variable is in the loop -->

{% if size == "07inch" %}
  {{ size | remove: "0" }}
{% else %}
  {{ size }}
{% endif %}


You'd have to read the code and experiment a little to find the optimal solution. If you need help from a developer feel free to reach out to my team at Our developers are all Shopify focused and customize sites all the time.

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