How to assign a product page to a collection

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Hi folks, 


I suspect this will be very simple for somebody, but I can't figure it out so apologies in advance if its a very basic question.


I have a lot of products in my store and I would like to have a different product page for the products in each collection. SO collection A will have its own product page, collection B a different product page etc.

I cannot figure out how to apply a specific product page to all products in a collection without doing it manually. My inventory syncs every night so either a manual or "one off" solution won't really work.

Anyone have any recommendations for me?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @DR3D For design per resource, or sets of resources, use alternate templates 

And use the bulk editor to apply them to sets of products 


If you mean something different from that you will need to be much clearer in your problem statement.



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Hi Paul,


Apologies if the request seemed unclear.


I want all the products in Collection A to be displayed on product page template 1. And I want all products in Collection B to be displayed on product page template 2. 


I want to be able to set this up in such a way that it happens automatically when the large store inventory gets updated every night, because it will not be practical to do it manually. I also am not looking for a once off solution as it also will not be practical for me to update this daily for new inventory added.


I hope that explanation is clearer and that perhaps you know some way to achieve this.


Many thanks in advance.