How to assign unique ID for each item under product?

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I sell phones and need a way to track IMEI (unique phone ID thats different for each phone). 


For example, my product is Iphone 12 Pro.  Variants could be color and storage.  I could have several units of each varying by type.  However, each phone has a unique IMEI that i need to input into the inventory system to keep track of each phone.

So for example if I have (10 quantity) Iphone 12Pro 128Gb in blue, then a unique identifier (IMEI) has to be assigned to each phone for accurate tracking.  I cannot use SKU or create a new product for each IMEI as that would lead to inaccurate inventory.

Is there a way to add an additional detail to assign a unique (identifier) to each phone and still manage proper inventory?

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Did you find any solution????