How to center slideshow text alignment to the left in Empire theme?

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Hi, I currently have a slide width that has full width. But I want the slideshow text alignment including my buttons to be left aligned with where my menu navigation bar starts (and this is aligned to the center of the full width). How do I accomplish this result?


Currently I have a temporarily solution for desktop view in my theme.css where I set the .slideshow-slide__content class for left: 65% but when I view it in tablet mode it looks weird and it's slightly shifted further to the right when the screen sizes get smaller. 


What's the proper solution for this? 

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I don't feel comfortable sharing my URL, can you just refer to the attachment above? 


The ALL text with background color black is my menu bar


The menu bar and slideshow content is align centered but within the slideshow, I need the text to be aligned left and same alignment on the y axis as the menu bar that's being centered.

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Nevermind I figured it out