How To Change Blog Font Size Back To Normal Instead of Enlarged Font Size?

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Hello, I'm stumped - I'm not sure why my blog section articles are all having this huge font size instead of a much smaller font size. I tried finding in my template-blog.liquid for any clues of font size but there's nothing. I suspect  can tweak something in style.min.css, but I'm not sure which one identifies with the blog section font as I don't want to end up messing with the product sections. Not well verse with coding stuff so yeah.


You can take a look at one of the blog pages: See how super enlarged the font is, which isn't like this previously a few weeks ago. 

The current issue only lies with the blog content though. I'm currently using Venedor2.0 Theme. Some guidance on how I can change the font back to smaller font size would be helpful, thank you!

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