how to change colour of checkbox in cart?

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Hi all,

I am looking to change the colour of this checkbox from blue to grey. How can I do this please?






As far as I am aware, checkboxes are not able to be styled, possibly a security measure for browsers to avoid security flaws but I can't affirm for sure. (just like one can't fully style the ":active" pseudo class)

In technical terms, what one can do is use pseudo elements (like :after and :before) to style the checkboxes, which is not a particularly simple task especially taking cross-browser into consideration.

One viable alternative is using some third party Javascript library like such. Naturally coding knowledge would be required to not only code it into the theme, but also to wire up all functionality it already has, therefore I'm afraid there may not be a copy/paste solution for this. Hiring a developer to properly implement it would be necessary.

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You can follow the instructions, add a span checkmark tag to it:
Hope it helps!

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