How to change font (other font) on the Checkout Page

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Hi there, 


my questions are


1. How to change the font family on the Check Out page? I want to change to Cardo but it is not available in the font option 


2. How do I can resize the font in pop-up checkout?

Is this code working? if it works where to put in the theme code? (code topic link)

/* for Just added to your cart fonts*/
#CartPopupHeading {
font-size: 16px;
/* set whatever properties you want to set */
/* for product title fonts*/
.cart-popup-item__title {
font-size: 18px;


3. I want to change the size of the Wishlist Icon (Wishlist Plus App), do I can adjust myself with coding, or need to contact the app?

btw, thank you in advance 🙂

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Hello @l3ouml3oum ,

To make changes in the checkout page of the Shopify store, you typically need a Shopify Plus subscription or can explore Shopify apps designed for this purpose.

In your Shopify theme settings, you can add custom CSS for other parts of your store, but it won't affect the checkout page due to its isolated nature.

To change the wishlist icon size, you need to contact the app developer, as there is no file where you can change the CSS for the icon size.

I hope this helps you.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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Hi Anshul, 


Thank you for explaining it to me, it’s help a lot.


If you don’t mind, I have 2 more questions hope you can help

1. About Pop-up cart, after add product to the cart it will pop-up container on the screen, and some text that want to resize, where to fix it? (Check out button and Continue Shopping)



2. At the Live Chat button, any chance to adjust font family, size, color and customize icon? I just see option to change BG color.



Thank you in advance 🙂