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Hey Guys

So I've encountered an issue with my mobile logo's image quality on my Shopify store. Despite using a high-resolution image, the logo appears pixelated on mobile devices. I've tried adjusting the img_url filter size and ensured the CSS isn't stretching the image beyond its natural dimensions, but the problem persists.

Here are the details:

  • The logo is clear on desktop.
  • The issue only appears on mobile, regardless of the device or browser used.
  • I'm using an image with sufficient resolution for Retina displays. (image size 500 x 300px)


This is the code snippet for the logo in my header.liquid file:




And the corresponding CSS:


.header-logo-mobile { display: block; /* shown on mobile */
margin: 0 auto; /* centers the logo */
max-width: 100%; /* ensures the logo is not wider than its container */
height: auto; /* maintains aspect ratio */ }

Any insights on why this could be happening or further steps I could take to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

This is the reason google is giving me btw: 


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Hi @Aromidy ,

According to the images you provided, I see that the expected size in the lighthouse report is 150x90, so you need to change the logo size on mobile.

Please replace the following lines of code:

<img src="{{ settings.mobile_logo | img_url: '110x'}}" alt="{{ | escape }}" class="header-logo-mobile">

the following lines of code:

<img src="{{ settings.mobile_logo | img_url: width: 150, height: 90}}" alt="{{ | escape }}" class="header-logo-mobile">


You can learn more about liquid's img_url here:

Hope it helps @Aromidy 

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