How to change italics font for sub heading

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Hi there. I am hoping someone can help me please. I have the Kalles theme and my font sitewide is set up as Montserrat. However, whenever italics is showing it is a script font like Georgia. I would like it to be Montserrat. Would anyone know how I could easily change that within the theme code please? Italics is not mentioned anywhere in the theme typography panel.  My website >



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@Fluidartsupplie - add this css to the very end of your theme.scss file and check

.lazyloaded .sub-title, .lazyloaded .f__libre, .lazyloaded blockquote, .lazyloaded em
{font-family: 'Montserrat';}
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Hi @Fluidartsupplie .


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You can go to Online store => themes => actions => edit code  and add this code on file theme.scss.css

/*remove font italic*/
font-style: unset !important;
/*fix font montserrat*/
.lazyloaded .sub-title, .lazyloaded .f__libre, .lazyloaded blockquote, .lazyloaded em{
font-family: Montserrat !important;


Hope this answer helps.

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