How to change product variant selection along with photo on product pages?

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I hope I can phrase this in a way that sounds coherent. Say I have two different color variants for a single bracelet on its product page. The color variants come at different price points. I have photos of the bracelet in each color. By means of example, how do I make it so that when someone clicks on the photo of the gold bracelet, the variant automatically switches to the gold option and shows the gold price? And when they click on the photo of the silver version, the variant selection will switch to silver and show the silver price? Is this possible?

I'm using Prestige (Allure).


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Hey there @jyl912


I found this great document from the theme developer site of Prestige the steps are very detailed and might be able to help you with your theme concern. 


Have a great day! 

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I already know how to enable color swatches and had done so. My issue is that when I click the color swatch, I’d like the variant selection and price to change accordingly as well, but it doesn’t.