How to change "Choose Option" to "Add to Cart"

How to change "Choose Option" to "Add to Cart"

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How can I change the "Choose Option" button and make it say "Add to cart"


I know it says choose option because I have variants, but I want it to say Add to cart instead.


This is for the Featured Collection section of the Ride Theme. Thanks!



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Hi @delta1seven1 


You can try to edit the wording of this button by editing your theme language:

  • From Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages
  • Type in the keyword " Choose options" in the search field and the corresponding textbox will show up


  • Replace it with new text and hit Save.


Hope this helps you.



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Hello @delta1seven1,


Follow these simple steps to change the "Choose option" button to "Add to cart"


  • Go to your Shopify admin > Go to the Online store
  • Go to themes > Click on action > Click on edit code
  • Look for the file "card-product.liquid" in the snippets folder
  • Search the button code by using the ctrl+f function 
  • Look for the keyword "choose_options"
  • Once you find it you need to replace the existing code with the below-provided code. 
  • Remove this code:


{{ 'products.product.choose_options' | t }}


  • Replace the above code with the below code:


{% if card_product.available %}

{{ 'products.product.add_to_cart' | t }}

{% else %}

{{ 'products.product.sold_out' | t }}

{% endif %}


Please refer to the image below for the entire process






Follow the above process and your issue will be resolved. Let us know if you want any further help. 


All the best,

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Hi - I noticed this is a similar change to what I'd like to do but slightly different. I'm wondering if anyone can help. 


I'm looking to change all of the Product Grid Items buttons to "Learn More" or "More Info" and have them direct the user to the actual product page.

Currently, the buttons are either "Add to Cart", "Quick Shop" and "Choose Options". The only one I can seem to disable in the theme settings is the "Quick Shop".


Theme: Empire by Pixel Union


Thank you!

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Hi, this code only changes the words. Change the Choose Option to Add to Cart. After your code, the same old popup appears choosing options instead of adding product to cart.

Please provide a solution to change the functionality. Convert Choose Options button add to cart and when I click Add to Cart the product should be added to cart



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You found any solution to your problem?


Stuck in the same issue, want to remove that popup..

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1- Go to code editor

2- search card-product.liquid in snipped

3- Find line  {%- if card_product.variants.size > 1 or qty_rules -%}

4- paste this code  {%- if card_product.variants.size < 1 or qty_rules -%}

you are good to go. If it's helpful please like the answer. 

Have a great day 



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no need to edit code. basicly click to "Online Store" then "Themes" click to the 3 dots which is next to "Customize" button. click to "edit default theme content". go to products tab. here you will see "Chose options". you can change it anything you want. and there you can also remove "powered by shopify" text as well. 

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Here is the reference video:


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