How to create 3 alternate collection pages with 3 different menus?

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I'm in the beginning stages of my project, just evaluating if Shopify can do what we'd like it to do. We will have a very simple parts site where there are 3 levels of parts. tier1, tier2 and tier3. We will drive traffic directly to the appropriate collection page which will have a menu using tags to filter the appropriate parts based on collection. I've successfully set up 3 collection pages but when I change the menu on the alternate collection pages it is not 'sticking'. Ex: if I change the tier1 menu to tier1 -- it also changes my tier2 and tier3 menus to tier1. 

I should be able to use almost any template if there's one that has this functionality baked in. But have been evaluating with Venture and Debut.

In Debut I have created 3 collection templates: collection.tier1.liquid, collection.tier2.liquid and collection.tier3.liquid - each referring to their appropriate section template (ex: collection-tier1-template) and I have recreated 3 collection section templates named accordingly. I also have 3 menus created tier1-menu, tier2-menu and tier3-menu.

What am I missing?

Since we will always only have 3 collections -- I'm also open to just editing whatever code I need to to swamp menu with some if/else statements. This doesn't sound difficult but I've been struggling finding details on doing this successfully.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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