How to create collections of variants (or something similar)?

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Hello everyone. I've been selling rugs online and I haven't found a solution to what seems to me a basically simple thing that most rug sellers have on their website.

Each rug design has many variants (colors, sizes, shapes etc).


I want to be able to create collections/filters of product variants.


For instance, I want to add a page in my menu bar that shows only blue rugs. However, since 'color' is a variant, I cannot create a collection for it (only whole products can be added to a collection).


When I use tags, the product thumbnails are not necessarily showing the blue variant of the product so it makes no sense (the user will expect to see blue products in the thumbnail). The same applies to variations like 'round', 'runners', 'doormats': if I use a tag for doormats, the user will see a big rug in the thumbnail and think theres something wrong with the website. Besides, since all my models have the same size and color variations, each product would have all the tags and therefore lose the purpose of tagging.


Websites like Rugsusa and Ruggable   do this very well, they have a way of treating variants as stand alone products for showcasing and filtering. See below.






I've been searching for an app that does this and have not been able to find, and still all major rug retailers have this, please help.

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Hi @elemensisdecor,


This requires code customization. I am able to achieve this though. You can check the video for more info. 


Just be reminded that we are volunteering to help.



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  will be much appreciated.✌-✿✿✿
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Thanks @made4Uo 


I just bought your code but it only solves half of the issue. With the code I can show variants on the collections page but I cant create a collection that targets a specific variant type across multiple products.


For instance, if I have product A, B and C and each has 3 colors: red, blue and yellow, I want to create a collection called BLUE, which shows only the blue variant of A, B and C. The easy way to think about this would be if I was able to add a tag to a collection. Could you help me with that?

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Did you find a solution for that? that is exactly the issue I have and I would love to hear if you managed to find a solution.

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This is exactly what I'm trying to achieve too, I would love for Shopify to address this in future releases.