How to customise dynamic checkouts?

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Hello, I'm already finishing up my store. I added payment methods as my final step, but when i did, a big yellow paypal button appeared in the product page. I am trying to find a way to take it off. This yellow paypal button totally disrupts with the color palette of my store. My goal is just to have a Buy Button with customized color, customized text (That doesn't say "Buy It Now" like every single store) and that leads directly to checkout. I am also using an app that customizes color swatches for you. So it's important for me that this new buy button adapts to the color variation that my customers choose. I already tried shopify's buy button app but the button doesn't adapt to the color swatches, so that doesn't work. Just as a note, I also hid the add to cart button with custom css. The theme I'm using is Origin. Any help is much appreciated and thank you in advance!


As a reference, here is an example of how i'd like my buy buttom to look like:


After adding payment methods:


And this is the color swatches app I'm using: Glo Color Swatches


**Just on a side note, that little "more payment options" button actually does the same as what i want my Buy Button to do. If there was a way to make it bigger, change its text, its background color, and hide the paypal button, that would pretty much solve my problem. Again, all help is much appreciated and thank you in advance!

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