How to disable shaking "Buy Button" on Product Page using "Build Your Store Theme" Theme

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Hi, I have the following problem:
If you are on any of our Productpages, the "Add to Cart", "Quantity" and "Checkut with PayPal" are shakind left to right for about one second, repeating every 5-7 seconds. The Thing is, that it seems a bit agressive and me and my Partners would like to get Rid of it. Since we  are all new to Shopify, I think we are currently using the "Build Your Store Theme" Theme. I used the Brwoser-Analysis Tool to look for the class or script name that is activating the Animation, but i only found "shakeAnimaton". But I seems like I can't find that in any of the .css files. I Also cant disable it in the "customize" tab of Shopify - neither in Animations nor in any other options category, even if I click the Button element directly. What do we do now? Can someone give us a hint?

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You should contact the theme merchants, they will be more efficient in solving your problem.

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