How to Display Discounts on my Shopify Site

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I'd like to know how I can display Automatic Discounts in my theme.
I contacted Shopify support and unfortunately they admitted that they don't really know anything about how Shopify code works and referred me to buy some really expensive discount apps.

The built in Shopify discount options are already sufficient. But they are pretty useless for marketing unless a potential customer can see them. Automatic discounts are currently just offered to buyers who are already making a purchase so it has zero benefit in increasing sales conversions.
The discount information is already in the database. I just need to know how to pull that information to display it on relevant products and pages.
One recommendation I found in the community was to use a metafield. But I was unable to find actual instructions. And neither I or Shopify support could figure out how to accomplish this correctly. 
I used a Custom Liquid field in my blog template to display blog tags and I assume that displaying Discount data on a product or category template would be similar. I just don't know how to write the code.
Can anyone help figure this out?

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Hello @pxmk123 👋

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I don't need another app. I just want to know how to write the code to display the discount already set up in the Shopify admin.