How to display metafields within metafields

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Hello all,

We are migrating specifications for hundreds of products, and am trying to display the following metafield 


  within HTML in a multitext field (I've tried single-text and rich-text too):






<table class="product-spec-table">
           <td>Maximum Brightness</td>






And in my code, I have 






{{ product.metafields.productDetails.specifications.value}}






However, I can't get the metafield to display its value; it just displays product.metafields.productDetails.brightness. Is there a way to display it within a multitext/rich text/single text metafield?


Thanks in advance!

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I think you might need to save "specifications" as a JSON type metafield:


Then you can access it as follows:

{% assign specifications = product.metafields.productDetails.specifications %}
{% assign parsed_specifications = specifications | json_parse %}


And use the following to access "value" in specifications

{{ parsed_specifications.value }}


Please check; I haven't tested it 🙂

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This depends on whether  your metafields are legacy or new ones.

Legacy metafields do not have value  property. 


You should be able to migrate legacy metafields to modern by adding metafield definitions in Settings -> Custom data

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