How to edit navigation menu items in bulk

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I am in the process of setting up a number of shopify sites and have set up all my products and collections, the next step is to construct the navigation menus. There is a lot of these and creating them manually for each site will be tricky.


I am looking for a way to do this in bulk either via a code editor or a plugin. I used the Matrixify plugin for my collections but have yet to find anything as simple for the menu items.


I've looked into Globo Megamenu but editing the json here is complicated, there is a Shopify Navigation Tool chrome extension but I can't work out if I will be able to download the menu, edit it and then upload it with the new items added.


Has anyone got any advice?


Thank you for your time.

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I'm also looking for an export and import solution for this problem. Something like Matrixify for Shopify Navigation Menu would be great to have, but currently it does not support it. Did you find a good solution?

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Hello, @ChristophMuster !


Maris from Matrixify here.

Thank you for touching on this topic. We will gladly make a feature to export and import the Navigation as soon as the Shopify will have an API for that. Sadly, there is no such an API at the moment, and nobody knows if and whether there will be such. So sorry about that.


But hopefully your request gives a +1 for Shopify to work on that.

Will let you know as soon as we have that...



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Do you have any updates about this?