how to edit password section on Baseline theme?

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Hi! New to Shopify but have some experience in Webflow.


I'm trying out the Baseline theme and starting to build my store, but starting with a password protected landing page to get email signups while I build out the rest of the store.


I've added password protection, but by default the password section shows up on top of the Content section, and it doesn't show up at all in the list of sections in the Shopify editor. I want the enter password section to show up underneath the logo, not at the top of the page. How can I do this when the password section isn't editable at all? is this just a problem with this theme?


Also, how can I remove the black borders between sections? do I need to get into custom CSS?


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The password page is limited in terms of the built-in functionality (with pretty much any theme) that can be customized. 


You can find the settings for it within the theme editor though (click the templates at the top > scroll down to "others" > password). 


You can edit some of the text - that may not have settings within the theme editor - from the 'default store content' (admin > online store > themes > click the "..." dropdown > edit default store content). 


Aside from the above, if you're looking to really customize the look/feel of the password page, then you'd be looking at custom coding. Note: you do need to purchase the theme first, in order to access the coding.


To answer your questions directly, for both moving the 'password' login area + removing black boarders, those would both be things you need custom coding for. 

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