How to embed five images horizontally and make them clickable in Shopify?

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Hi! Does anyone happen to know how to embed five small images in a row horizontally using the Empire theme in Shopify, and make them each be clickable? Or would that require the use of a different website theme in Shopify?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @rickyx02 welcome to Shopify Community.

You can certainly add a 5 images section to your store, but in this case you need to create a custom theme section/block. You need some beginner coding knowledge in order to do that.

You can check this video (not me) for a beginner tutorial.

Or official documentation here: How to Create Your First Shopify Theme Section 

Another possibility is to hire a Shopify developer. Is it isn't a complex task and it could be done easily.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello @rickyx02 ,

In Empire theme by default there is section available named 'Logo list' you can add images and link them to their target.



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Ah that works perfectly! Thanks for the solution!