How to extract the color value from an image / selection / mouse hover location?

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Hi,  first post here.  I did search and could not find a applicable function or extension that would allow me to do what I'm trying to accomplish.  It's essentially a paint function for the eyedropper tool that happens automatically.  I want to get the color value of whatever my mouse is currently hovering over /  from an image that is selected.     


I'm trying to store that color (hex value I'm assuming) and then create my own look up table of similar colors that I would recommend (or instead of making my own lookup table,  maybe there is some shopify color recommendation template).    


Feels like this is something that is likely available and I just can't seem to find an example to guide me through it.  Also not sure if I'm posting this in the correct board?   If there is a general liquid coding question forum then moderators please direct me there... 


 Any help / suggestion would be appreciated.   All the best


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Happy New years, it's been two weeks and no response.  I'm still hoping to get some sort of direction from any the experts on this forum so I wanted to nudge this back into view.  Also,  if I'm posting in the wrong forum section for code / web function topics please feel free to let me know and direct me to where this type of subject should be posted.  


All the best


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looking for the same solution myself.

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Hey @taxial , 

If I understand your question correctly, this browser extension might help -



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If this works for you, please give it a like and mark it as the solution! Thanks 🙂
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