How to find ID for s certain Icon With Text Section

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I have a few Icon With Text blacks on product pages. But I need ONLY one of the blocks with a different background color!

How do I find the ID to change that one certain block to change the color of it?


Thanks 🙂

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Hey @xnyjyh 


Can you share the url of your product page and also a screenshot of what block you want to change the color of into which color?


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Helllo @xnyjyh ,


You will need to look at the HTML code of your product page to determine the ID of the particular Icon With Text block whose background colour you wish to modify. You must search for an ID attribute of the symbol with the text block while inspecting. Usually, the ID is defined as "id=" plus a unique identifier. The appearance could resemble this: "unique_id"> once you've found the id, you can use it in your CSS code to target and modify the background colour of that particular block.