How to fix cart bug in shopify shrine pro theme

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Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out to the community for some help with an issue I'm facing in my Shopify store using the Shrine theme. I'm experiencing a delay in cart updates when editing products within the cart itself.


The Problem:

  • When I add more quantity to a product in the cart, the price doesn't automatically update until I refresh the page.
  • For example, if I add 2 of a product (initially shows price for 1), the cart total remains unchanged until I refresh. Only then does the price reflect the updated quantity.
  • Similarly, if I delete a product from the cart, it still shows as present until I refresh the page.

This lack of automatic update can be confusing for customers and lead to inaccurate cart totals.


I'd appreciate any insights or solutions the community might have to address this cart update issue.


Store URL: (password: 1)

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