How To Fix My Home Page??

How To Fix My Home Page??

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i Don't Know Why But My Website Is Showing Like This I want to Fix This back To Original

This Is My Website :

Screenshot 20-06-2024 19_29_08.png


i Want My wesbite To be look like this down below 

want like this URL :

Plug My Drip - Google Chrome 20-06-2024 19_30_05.png


Plug My Drip Is also Like This But Dont Know WWhat happened to him

please anyone fix thiss

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@Mitesh3 - I think you have set width:50% for this section css, please make it 100% and check




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- Here is the solution for you

- Please follow these steps:


- Then find the theme.css file.

- Then add the following code at the end of the file and press 'Save' to save it.

.section__color-wrapper .container {
 width: 100% !important;

- Here is the result you will achieve:



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It's Only Worked For Products But Not For Testimonials & Footer