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How to fix repeating slides and LOOX pop-up issues in customization?

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Hi! Why is there the same slide in the slideshow after selecting a category/collection everywhere, which changes to all collections? How to solve this problem?


P.S. A constantly pop-up notification from the LOOX application during site customization. How can this be solved?

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@Schmalz - shopify uses shared templates approach, therefore any content added on any page is shared on all the pages which have the same template.


Category or collections share the same template, hence any content added to it via customizer will be shown on all categories.


If you want it to change, then you will need to either create different template for each collection or use page builder like pagefly.

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Sapir from the Loox team here 🙂


Our Support team would be happy to help you with the integration popup,


Please feel free to send a ticket to our 24/7 team at


We will gladly take a look and assist!

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Thanks a lot! The issue has been solved!