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How to fix slideshow height in electro theme

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Dear community, Hope everyone is doing well, I have shopify electro theme but there is a problem in slideshow, it's on full screen I tried to reduce the height in theme customization but it didn't work. What should be the reason? And other banners have the same issue. Hope someone would help, thanks in advance. Here is the website link:

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Hi @Fahadhassan ,


You can customize the slide show height by editing in Themes => Customize

view - 2023-11-13T151557.064.png


Most themes will let you edit the height of the slideShow like the example image below:

view - 2023-11-13T151650.022.png


However, if you still cannot edit, you can edit the code directly on the theme by going to Themes => Edit code

view - 2023-11-13T151755.477.png


In the edit code, find the .css file (style.css. slideshow.css, ... or some thing) containing the code below and change the height size as desired.

@media (min-width: 768px){
.section-slideshow#section-template--17103895265494__1649833316bdb84cae .bc-slideshow {
    height: 420px;

However, changing the slideshow height also causes the images in the slideshow to be distorted

- It's the same with banner

view - 2023-11-13T151926.303.png


You can set padding for the section containing the banner, which will also increase or decrease the height of that banner.

Hope the above suggestions can help you @Fahadhassan . If you need more detailed help, you can give us your access store and we will support you better (all images above are just examples).

If our suggestions are useful, please let us know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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