How to have the description always dropped down but keep other section normal

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Sorry this may be a little confusing. The URL is -


We want the description tab always down like attached but have the shipping and returns tab to stay the same. see attached of desired look when someone clicks a product.


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Hi @Scarlettcorban3 please go to theme editor and open file product-info.liquid file 
and find this line

{%- when 'collapsible_text' -%}
and replace the below four line 

with this


 {% if block.settings.title contains 'Description' %}
          {% assign open = true %}  
        {% endif %}
        {%- if block.settings.title != blank and block.settings.content != blank -%}
          {%- capture accordion_content -%}<div class="prose">{{ block.settings.content }}</div>{%- endcapture -%}
          {%- render 'accordion', title: block.settings.title, content: accordion_content, class: 'product-info__accordion', block: block,open:open -%}
        {%- endif -%}




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