How to have users make theme edits simultaneously

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Is there a way to have users customize the theme simultaneously for various pages? It seems concurrent updates to different pages of the theme invokes the "content override" dialog box. 

For example,

  1. UserA and UserB go to the themes and select "Customize" for the theme. 
  2. It brings them to the homepage with all of the blocks that compose it. 
  3. User A navigates to the Contact Us page to make edits to the blocks there.
  4. User B makes minor edits to the blocks on the home page
  5. User A completes updates and hits 'Save' is successful
  6. User B completes updates and hits 'Save'...and is met with a content override modal box. Asking them to override the theme changes or refresh (losing all of User B's current progress)

Is there anyway around this? We have a lot of content that needs to be entered. It would slow our progress if only one person can make these updates.